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Chris Hedges is entering his 5th year as the band director for the Williamstown Independent Schools system.  This will be his 24th year of teaching.  He is originally from Pikeville, KY.  He has served, part-time, in various churches for the past 20 years.  His wife, Amber, assists in leading worship and choir as well.  

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Barry Robinson, Senior Pastor

Williamstown United Methodist Church

Barry Robinson is the husband of Denise Robinson and the father of three beautiful girls. He grew up as a “Military Brat” before settling down in Elizabethtown, KY. Upon graduation he joined the Navy to pursue his dream of being a meteorologist. It was while in the Navy that he heard his calling into the ministry. No one was more surprised at this than himself. He has been serving as a United Methodist Pastor since 1998 and came to Williamstown UMC in January of 2010. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and his Master’s of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary. 

Apart from the church, Barry is an all around sports fan to the point that if it involves putting a ball through something, hitting something, or racing, he will watch it. (FYI: He doesn’t consider figure skating a sport.) He is a die hard (borderline fanatical) fan of the Kentucky Wildcats and is under the impression that the Wildcats should be in the discussion to win the National Championship each and every year in order for the universe to maintain some sense of order and decency. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and believes that humor is a necessity to living a fruitful life. He is a bit square to some-his favorite group is the Statler Brothers, his favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel, he likes to wear cowboy boots, and nothing makes him happier than a nice cup of coffee or a large plate of hot wings and a ball game. 

Barry enjoys visitors and his door is always open. 

Chris & Amber Hedges- Music/Choir Director