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We are starting a new book Friday, September 15th,

The New Atheist Crusaders And Their Unholy Grail: the Misguided Quest to Destroy your Faith By Becky Garrison

A challenge has been issued on matters of faith and Becky Garrison meets it head on in this witty yet poignant answer to the Anti-God gurus Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett.Becky Garrison, religious satirist and senior contributing editor for The Wittenberg Door, is taking a stand. Where most Christians assume the character of the Cowardly Lion chanting, "I do believe, I do believe, I do believe," Garrison refuses to simply thrust tracts at these self-proclaimed infidels.

Instead, Garrison steels her pen and takes on the ungodly program of the New Atheists, skewering each argument with her sharp satiric wit. Garrison turns aside the atheists' assault without ignoring its real criticisms, namely, the church's inadequate response to war, evolution, medical ethics, social justice, and other important issues in the post-9/11 world

If you enjoy reading, join us every Friday from 11:30 am-12:30 pm at Cracker Barrel in Dry Ridge for an incredible time of sharing and fellowship.  Our Friday book club gatherings offer a more in-depth look and discussion of each book, in addition to a deeper understanding as to how each book relates to our relationship and understanding of Christ's teachings. 

If you are looking to meet new people (or visit with old friends), to read more and read books you might not necessarily have read, we encourage you to be a part of this weekly study.  Feel free to email us for more information.  We hope you can join us!