Barry Robinson, Sr. Pastor

206 Paris Street

Williamstown, KY 41097

Call Us:  (859) 823-5171

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It is child food bag time again! WUMC is committed to providing each week:

 (10) food bags to Dry Ridge Elementary
(10) food bags to Mason Corinth Elementary

PLEASE consider contributing food items or money to this ministry now and throughout the school year. We would be glad to send you a reminder weekly or monthly, if you want to contribute to these food bags. Just fill out the form below and drop it in the offering plate. Also, you can join us when we pack these bags @ Project with a Purpose! A basket is located at the front of the sanctuary for your donations. Food bags will start going home on September 7th.

One food bag typically contains (other individually packed items are welcome):

(1)-Cheese cracker
(1)-Peanut butter cracker
(2)-Granola bars
(1)-Juice box
(1)-Microwaveable mac & cheese
(2)-Fruit snacks
(2)-Instant oatmeal
(1)-Fruit cup / applesauce
(1)-Meat item: beanie weenies, ravioli, etc.
(1)-Ramen Noodles

 Name: ______________________

___ weekly   ___ monthly   ___ one time donation

Food Item:__________________ Qty._______

Remind me: ___yes    ___no

Preferred contact info:_____________________Type your paragraph here.